The Blog of Changes - Duncan Freeman


In the past 30 years China has undergone a historic transformation which has changed the country not only internally but also in its relations with the outside world. Moreover, China’s transformation has changed the world. The transformation requires a response from Europe. This will encompass Europe’s increasingly complex relationship with China, and the world where both are important actors. But the biggest challenge is that a changing China will require Europe to change itself. This blog will explore the complexities of those changes.

Duncan Freeman first went to China as a student in 1981. He subsequently lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for 17 years. He is now a research fellow at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he teaches and carries out research on China. His main areas of research range from the economic and political transformation in China, China’s trade and investment and Europe-China relations. He is a fluent Chinese speaker.

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